Zero Tolerance

Contra Costa County’s Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence initiative has led the way in addressing domestic/family violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking in the county since 2001. Authorized by the California Legislature as the first Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence County (SB 968) and established by the County Board of Supervisors, Zero Tolerance is built on the foundation of public systems and private providers working together to create a safe and nurturing community.

Zero Tolerance links the County and the community, aligning policies, practices and protocols, coordinating services, and creating a climate where violence and abuse are not tolerated.

Zero Tolerance’s approach:

  • Strengthening Systems – advocating with public and private entities to apply a violence prevention lens to the work they do and piloting new projects
  • Building Partnerships – facilitating open sharing of resources, ideas, and manpower
  • Educating Professionals and the Community – hosting workshops and professional development training and developing tools


  • Anti Human Trafficking Coalition:
    Raising awareness about the impact of human trafficking, building capacity among public and private agencies to reach out to victims and provide access to services, and coordinating services, policies and protocols.
  • Criminal Justice Training and Materials: Delivering interactive training and materials to criminal justice agencies spanning the issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and elder abuse.
  • Justice and Legal Intervention:  Interrupting the escalation of violence by supporting justice and legal services; including Domestic Violence Court, restraining order clinics, system advocacy and crisis response protocols.
  • Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention:  Integrating best practice DV homicide prevention model(s) into the County’s response system.
  • Families Thrive:
    Bringing together dozens of diverse organizations to marshal their resources, support, and partnerships to address the specific needs of children and families impacted by domestic violence and other forms of early trauma.
  • Contra Costa Family Justice Center Network:
    Supporting the development of collaborative multi-service center(s) for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, elder abuse, stalking, and human trafficking and their families.