CalWORKs for Employers

Are there tax credit programs available to employers who hire CalWORKs clients?

When you hire a CalWORKs participant (like Veteran’s, Youth, and several other target groups) you can save up to thousands of dollars through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program. Call us to find out about this special program and others.

How do I go about accessing tax credit programs?

The process is simple and short. The short application can be done on-line, but we are here to help! Call us to find out how you can gain a great employee and save money in the process.

What is a CalWORKs participant? Am I hiring a problem employee?

Many of our participants have lost their jobs in the economic downturn. Others are holding down several jobs and still eligible for some assistance due to our high cost of living area. Others are limited in work experience but have a strong desire to succeed and gain a fantastic career. All CalWORKs participants have one thing in common: they have a family and want to provide for them!

We believe that work is the key to promoting personal responsibility, independence and self-sufficiency. We also believe that our businesses must have good employees to thrive and grow in today’s economy. We have a large available workforce just waiting to meet your needs.

I’m in need of a larger workforce. How can you send me the best employee?

With today’s changing workplace, you need the right hire in that position. First, we want to stress, that all hiring decisions and selections are YOURS. No one can choose the right employee for your business except you! However, we can prescreen and refer candidates to you, saving you dollars in recruiting costs.

Next, our Job Developers will meet with you at your site to identify and understand your open-position needs so we can begin working for you. Then the job developers work closely with our other staff to interview potential candidates. We look at experience, interest and aptitude, literacy levels needed for your position and other job matching requirements that have been identified by you. Then, you will receive information on only those candidates that make it through the process.

The process is customized to fit your needs and requests as our employer customer. We can send all resumes to you so you can call each candidate; or work with you to directly refer candidates. Our goal is to make BOTH our customers satisfied, you as the employer and the CalWORKs participant as the job seeker.

We have worked with hundreds of employers on pre-hire customized projects. Our extensive partnership with education and local organizations can bring a diversified training force to the discussion table. If you need ten or more new employees with specific skills, call us, we may be able to design and implement a fast-track pre-hire training giving you an exemplary workforce from the first day.

Will CalWORKs job seekers require more from me?

No. In fact, the CalWORKs job seeker will come to you with more support behind them. We continue to support them through child care payments, transportation reimbursement, options for clothing and other work needs, and at times additional class training as needed. This helps them provide for their family during the transition period when they are concentrating on becoming a better employee for you.

We can be a resource to you and the participant, offering assistance by providing customized retention services or career advancement strategies that can help your new employee continue to be productive and an asset to your business.

What else does CalWORKs offer?

We have connections to vast community resources and services. In fact, you may have other employees with family/personal needs. You can link onto the 211 Database for a countywide resource listing, or call us for customized suggestions and resources.

Your tax dollars are now really working for you. We recognize your value as a local employer. You are critical to our County and economy; together our partnership will create a more stable community where we all can thrive.

For more information on services available to employers please contact:

LaTosha Stockholm
Phone (925) 671-4541
FAX (925) 646-5414
[email protected]