How to File an Appeal

How to file an appeal for negative action taken by General Assistance (GA):

When you apply for General Assistance (GA) and there is any type of action completed on your application and/or case; whether that is one of the following actions (but not limited to this list):

  • GA application is denied because
    • You do not meet eligibility requirements
    • You have person property which exceeds the GA limit.
    • You failed to attend the GA Orientation appointment
  • GA Benefits have been decreased
  • GA Benefits have been granted
  • GA benefits are discontinued
    • You failed to provide certain verifications
    • You failed to attend a mandatory appointment

When these types of actions are taken on your GA case, your will receive a Notice of Action (NOA) which explains why a certain action was taken; for what reason your application was denied or benefits discontinued. On the back of every NOA that is sent to a GA applicant and/or recipient there is information on how to request a hearing in writing if the individual disagrees with the action taken by GA.

You must submit your request for hearing within 30 days of the Date on the Notice of Action (this may include the date of your NOA as the 1st day of the 30 day period).

If you do not agree with the action taken by General Assistance, request a hearing in writing to:

Office of the Appeals Coordinator
400 Ellinwood Way
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

If you need special assistance or accommodations to request a Hearing, for example, you may have limited English proficiency as English may not be your Language of preference or you may have difficulty reading and writing. In these types of situations, please call the following number for assistance to request an appeal verbally or with the assistance of the GA program analyst:

Magdalene Gabel
General Assistance Program Analyst

The GA program Analyst may assist you special accommodations needed to requesting a hearing by the request in writing on behalf of any individual needing assistance.

You may obtain free legal advice and services through contacting the nearest legal service offices at:


The Contra Costa Regional Office Main line at 510-233-9954