Contracting Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in EHSD

EHSD’s contracting opportunities are open to all. As an EHSD contractor, your work can potentially impact thousands of community members — children, families, seniors, disabled adults and many more.

You can learn more about our open bids by reviewing the Requests for Interest (RFI) and Requests for Proposal (RFP). See the services and qualifications needed for the specific RFI or RFP to be sure you meet the requirements, before submitting your bid. You may contact the person listed on the Request if you have any questions.

Help us deliver services and resources that support, protect and empower individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency.

Below you will find all of our current open RFI and RFP bids as well as instructional videos for the budget templates.


To ensure EHSD has received proper notification of your RFI or RFP submission, you must call: (925) 957-5645 and follow the instructions provided after you submit your proposal.

Template Instructional Videos

Budget Template Instructional Videos

Cost Reimbursement Template

Fee for Service Template

Flat fee Template

Milestone Template

Cost Reimbursement Template

A cost reimbursement budget is used when a vendor is paid for allowed expenses to a set limit, plus additional payment to allow for a profit (where applicable).

Fee for Service Template

A fee for service budget is used when a vendor is paid a negotiated fee per unit as defined in the contract and in the budget.

Flat fee Template

A flat fee budget pay a fixed price even if actual total costs for the product or service is less than or exceeds the contracted amount.

Milestone Template

A milestone budget is used when a vendor is paid after they complete a set goal (or a milestone).

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