Resource Family Approval

Resource Families provide a special service to children and to the community by providing love and ongoing care to children who cannot live with their birth families.  Community members, close friends of the birth family and relatives of the birth family can all become Resource Families.

Children come into the foster care system because their biological families are unable to take care of them. Resource Families provide temporary homes until these children can be reunited with their own parents or move on to a permanent home. Children may need care for a few weeks, a few months and occasionally long-term or even a permanent home (adoption).

Resource Families do much more than provide shelter and supervision. They accept the challenge of nurturing the children in their care by providing stability, acceptance, guidance and love.  Resource Families also ensure that the children receive the additional educational and therapeutic supports they may need.

Getting started

CFS holds orientations which are mandatory for all families interested in becoming Resource Families. At these orientations our policies and the types of children needing families are discussed in detail.

Foster Care Orientation Sessions


Resource Family Approval Training Basics

If you have any questions, please call the Resource Family Approval Unit at (925) 655-4230 for more information.
Unconditional Support for Caregivers Training Series

Requirements for Foster Parents

Foster Care Benefits


Family Urgent Response System (FURS)
With the launch of the Family Urgent Response System (FURS) on March 1st, 2021, California’s children and youth who are currently and formerly in foster care, and their caregivers, will be able to access critical trauma-informed support 24/7.
FURS Hotline Flier (Youth)
FURS Hotline Flier (Caregiver)

Caregiver Liaison & Support

If you are a caregiver (related and unrelated) for a Contra Costa County foster child and have concerns or need assistance, please call the Caregiver Liaison. They can assist you with issues that will support your caring for the children.

The Caregiver Liaison can be reached at:
 [email protected]
(925) 655-4230