The KEYS Auto Loan Program is the Employment & Human Services Department’s (EHSD) low-interest auto loan program for employed CalWORKs participants who have difficulty obtaining an auto loan from other sources.

Referral to the KEYS program is through the CalWORKs participant’s EHSD case manager.

In its 20+ years as a program KEYS has provided 150 loans to CalWORKs participants in Contra Costa County to assist them in maintaining their employment. The program has a maximum loan amount of $6,000.00 and an average monthly loan payment of $180.00 a month. All vehicles financed through the program are diagnostically inspected by a certified mechanic at no cost to the loan participant. The program also provides budget management material to all loan participants as well as car maintenance on their vehicle that they finance through KEYS.

Portrait of an African-American man holding the keys to his new car.

Availability of the KEYS transportation program depends on available County funding.


For more information contact:

Joel Flamand
Phone: (925) 608-5869

Contra Costa County is seeking a Mobile Automotive Mechanic to provide pre-sale safety inspections on vehicles. Must be a current licensed mechanic, who can provide service through the county. Interested applicants may contact