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Contra Costa Alliance to End Abuse logo with County Seal

Alliance to End Abuse

We are committed to ending violence in Contra Costa County

That is why we are proud to be a part of the Contra Costa County Alliance to End Abuse. Working with other government organizations, we put in place a wide variety of programs designed to help keep our friends and neighbors out of harm’s way.

Our Goal

To propel a systematic change that ends all types of interpersonal violence, whether it be domestic and sexual violence or human trafficking. We are dedicated to keeping the citizens of Contra Costa County safe through the development and implementation of services and activities.

Our Impact

  • More than $12 million in grants to violence prevention organizations over the course of the past 10 years
  • Increased funding to more than 90% of our local anti-violence organizations
  • An almost 3% recidivism rate in domestic violence court in Contra Costa County
  • An unprecedented 250% increase in restraining orders awarded to survivors
  • 50% more law enforcement reports of violent crimes prepared

Want to get involved with the Contra Costa Alliance to End Abuse? Reach out to us at today. We look forward to making our community a safer place — together.