Enrollment/Do I qualify?

There are three different ways to look at eligibility for the Head Start program.

  1. Age eligibility: Children who are between birth and five years of age, and are not yet old enough to go to Kindergarten, are age eligible for our program.
  2. Income eligibility: We have two different income guidelines we follow for all our programs, which are all based on family size:
  3. Need Eligibility: If you are applying for our full-day, full-year program, parents need to be working, in school or training, or incapacitated. Documentation is required for all need requirements. To apply for our program, you can do any one of the following:
  1. Print this Pre-Application Screening form and send it to our program as instructed at the top of the form:
  2. Call our enrollment hotline number (Spanish speaking is available)
    • (925) 272-4727
  3. Send an email to: