How families are selected for the program

There are various ways that families may be selected to participate in one of our programs. Families are enrolled based on the following (all enrollments are subject to availability of funding):

  1. Families may be referred to CSB for enrollment from Children and Family Services (CFS), if child care is deemed a necessary piece of the service plan.
  2. Families may be enrolled through a countywide eligibility list if available, or through an eligibility list maintained by CSB for families wanting to participate in subsidized child care. These lists rank families on their income and family size to ensure the most eligible family is being served at the time of enrollment. (All families with CPS, or at-risk referrals, will be enrolled as 1st priority.)
  3. Families may be transferred to Stage II child care services from the Stage I child care unit upon discontinuance of cash assistance or when families have been considered stable by their previous child care worker. (Families may be enrolled directly into Stage II funding if the family is deemed Stage II eligible.)