Do I qualify?

There are various ways that families can qualify for our programs. There are two distinctly funded programs that we administer, Stage II and CAPP.

Stage II – Parents in receipt of CalWORKS assistance payments and former CalWORKS parents (those having received CalWORKS within twenty-four (24) months from the date of application for childcare supportive services) may be eligible for subsidized childcare services. There are various stages of funding in this program and each has its own priorities and limitations. It will be the responsibility of the Childcare Assistant Manager to work with the parent to determine the appropriate stage for childcare services.

CAPP (California Alternative Payment Program) – Families may be eligible for CAPP funding based on need and eligibility criteria (such as low-income working families), with 1st priority for those children currently receiving child protective services, or those children who are considered at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation by a legally qualified professional. A mother entering the kindergarten yard with her preschooler boy