Foster Care Benefits

Foster Care benefits provide cash aid on behalf of needy children in foster care who meet the eligibility requirements established by County, State and Federal law and regulation. Foster Care benefits are only paid when the child meets one of the conditions below:

  1. The child is a ward of the Juvenile Court who is placed and supervised by the Probation Department
  2. The child is a dependent of the Juvenile Court who is placed and supervised by this Department
  3. The child is voluntarily placed by his/her parent through this Department
  4. The child is living with a nonrelated legal guardian and is supervised by this Department

Relative caregivers may be eligible to receive foster care benefits in certain circumstances. The child must meet certain eligibility criteria.

Basic Foster Care Rates

The basic monthly amount paid for eligible children in foster family homes is based on the child’s age. The rates are:

Age Basic Monthly Rate Effective July 1, 2014
0-4 $671
5-8 $726
9-11 $764
12-14 $800
15-18 $838

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