Foster Care & Licensing

Foster parents provide a special service to children and to the community by providing love and ongoing care to children who cannot live with their birth families.

Children come into foster care because their biological families are unable to take care of them. Foster families provide temporary homes until these children can be reunited with their own parents or move on to a permanent home. Foster care may last for a few weeks or a few months, but it is almost always temporary.

Foster parents do much more than provide shelter and supervision. They accept the challenge of nurturing the children in their care by providing stability, acceptance, guidance and love.

Some parents are foster parents and prospective adoptive parents at the same time. These parents are known as Concurrent Caregivers. Concurrent caregivers provide love, and ongoing care to children who are not able to live with their birth families. These are children who the Court may legally free for adoption.

Getting started

We hold orientations which are mandatory for all families interested in fostering or adopting children. At these orientations our policies and the types of children needing families are discussed in detail.

Below is the link to our orientation schedule:

May-June-July Orientation 2017

If you have any questions, please call the Adoptions/Homefinding Unit at (925) 602-6910 for more information.

Pre-Approval Training | Heritage Training

Requirements for Foster Parents

Foster Care Benefits

Difficulty of Care (DOC)


Relative Assessment

Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP)

The Independent Living Skills program provides services to youth who are in-care or recently emancipated from the Foster Care System. Our program is staffed with Program Specialists who specialize in Education, Employment, Housing and Health and Well Being. Our program serves youth up to age 21.

Our building is made up of offices, a classroom, library computer lab and kitchen.

We teach a variety of workshops- Life Skills, Money Management, Resume Development, Young Parents Workshop, Scholarships, SAT/ACT, College Application, Housing, Cooking, etc. We try to give our youth the skills necessary to succeed after leaving the foster care system. ILSP staff also work one-on-one with youth who might not do well in a classroom setting or might need a little extra help.

Our kitchen serves as the primary area for the cooking classes and doubles as a youth break room.

With over 30 internet capable computers in our lab we are able to help youth with financial aid, employment searches and resumes, housing searches and college applications.

ILSP is also proud to be able to help youth with our very own clothes closet and food pantry. Youth can find interview or casual clothes or take home a food box at no cost to them.

Caregiver Liaison

If you are a caregiver (related and unrelated) for a Contra Costa County foster child and have concerns or need assistance, please call Caregiver Liaison, Sarah Sears. She can assist you with issues that will support your caring for the children.

Sarah can be reached at:
 [email protected]
(925) 602-6909 desk
(510) 504-2471 cell