Requests for Interest (RFI)

Request for Interest (RFI) #731
Resume Writing And Resume Coaching Strategies For CalWorks Welfare-To-Work Clients

The Contra Costa County Employment and Human Services Department (EHSD) announces the Request for Interest (RFI) #731 seeking eligible individuals or organizations to develop and present workshops on resume writing and to provide training sessions on resume coaching strategies to CalWORKs Welfare-to-Work (WTW) clients.

Statement of Purpose

EHSD would like to contract with an experienced individual or organization that can assist the Workforce Services Bureau in resume writing and resume coaching strategies for CalWORKs/WTW clients. The EHSD Workforce Services Bureau administers a variety of programs, benefits and services for CalWORKs recipients. The WTW program is a comprehensive Employment and Training Program designed to promote self-sufficiency among CalWORKs benefits recipients. WTW participants are assessed to determine the best course of action to become financially self-sufficient, whether it is immediate placement into a job, placement into an education or training program, or both. The WTW program offers a variety of activities required by state law: program orientation, individual appraisal, job readiness services, job search, educational and employability assessment, welfare-to-work plans to self-sufficiency, work preparation activities (including mental health evaluation, substance abuse counseling and domestic violence prevention and assistance), community services and supportive services, such as child care and transportation.

In 2020, the WTW population averaged 2,300 recipients. Of that number, approximately 80% are female. The majority of WTW clients are between the ages of 20 and 39. WTW cases average less than 2 children per household.

CalWORKs/WTW clients are a diverse population group with varying educational, cultural and skill levels, including new entrants into the workforce and those returning to the workforce.

Resume Writing services will be an integral part of WTW job readiness and Career Connections participant services. Career Connections is designed to accommodate up to 25 WTW participants. Career Connections is one of the primary WTW job readiness activities intended to assist participants in preparing for and gaining employment. The current Career Connections workshops consist of a four-week course, seven hours per day, five days a week and takes place throughout Contra Costa County at sites designated by EHSD.

Additional Information
September 14, 2021

Request for Interest (RFI) #730
Grievance Hearing Officer

Contra Costa County Employment and Human Services Department (EHSD), Children and Family Services (CFS) Bureau, announces a Request for Interest (RFI) 730 seeking qualified applicants for a fee-based contract position in Contra Costa County to serve as a CFS Grievance Hearing Officer. CFS provides child welfare services to Contra Costa County residents through various offices countywide.

Statement of Purpose

In order to meet requirements set by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) in response to a settlement decision reached in the Gomez v. Saenz lawsuit, all California Counties are required as of May 1, 2008, to provide for grievance hearings in Child Welfare Services. The Gomez settlement challenged the integrity of the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI) and provided due process rights for individuals whose names have been submitted for listing on the CACI as a result of a qualifying finding that allegations of child abuse or severe neglect are substantiated. The Gomez settlement allows individuals the opportunity to challenge their name listing on the CACI. As required by law, this challenge must be reviewed by a Grievance Hearing Officer.

This RFI is seeking one (1) qualified candidate to serve as a Grievance Hearing Officer for Contra Costa County Children and Family Services (CFS). Individuals whose names are referred for listing on the California Department of Justice CACI, and were not afforded due process, can request a review and/or hearing to challenge the allegation(s). The CFS Grievance Hearing Officer reviews documentary evidence, presides over the hearing and shall determine, based upon evidence and testimony presented, whether the allegation of abuse or neglect is unfounded, inconclusive, or substantiated as defined by the California Penal Code. Upon conclusion of the hearing, the Grievance Hearing Officer will render a written recommended decision within thirty (30) calendar days of the completion of the grievance hearing. The Grievance Hearing Officer is responsible for meeting guidelines required by CDSS and documented in the then current Child Welfare Services Manual of Policies and Procedures:

Additional Information
April 26, 2021

Request for Interest (RFI) #729
Contra Costa Alliance to End Abuse
Collective Impact Fund

The Contra Costa County Employment and Human Services Department’s (EHSD) Alliance to End Abuse (Alliance), an initiative of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, has led the way in addressing interpersonal violence (domestic/family violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking) in the County since 2001. The Alliance is built on the foundation of public systems and private providers working together to create a safe and nurturing community.

Alliance’s approach includes:

  • Strengthening Systems: Advocating with public and private entities to apply a violence prevention lens to the work they do, as well as piloting new projects.
  • Building Partnerships: Facilitating open sharing of resources, ideas and people power.
  • Educating Professionals and the Community: Hosting workshops and professional development trainings as well as developing tools.

The Alliance supports innovative projects and methods that will add to the collective impact of existing work to end interpersonal violence in Contra Costa County. These innovative project(s) will add value by implementing and/or piloting new or adapted approaches to meet unmet needs, support the well-being of all, and contribute to systems change and collaboration.


The intent of this Request for Interest (RFI) #729 is to invest up to $100,000 in hiring one or more consultants (qualified individuals or agencies) to design and implement innovative and collaborative projects aimed at prevention and/or intervention in domestic/family violence, elder abuse, child abuse, sexual assault and/or human trafficking. The intent is to support best/emerging practices and address unmet needs. Examples of projects include: innovative technology-based reporting systems; creating whole family supports; targeted messaging and media campaign designed around primary prevention; reducing recidivism by implementing an offender focused model; expansion and standardization of risk assessment models; prevention approaches, and so on. The goal of this Collective Impact Fund RFI is to identify and select project proposals that will further the above stated mission through funding new, innovative projects.

A county standard contract will be awarded to the successful bidder(s) for the anticipated period of 12 months. Successful bidder(s) must meet insurance requirements before contract inception. The insurance requirements may include automobile liability, general liability, professional liability and workers’ compensation insurance. There is no guarantee that the contract will extend past the initial 12 months. A renewal application, documenting successes during the first contract period, and goals for the second 12 month contract, is required if an extension of the contract period is sought. A maximum of two renewals, for a maximum of 36 months of funding may be permitted depending on results achieved and available funding.

One or more awards may be made depending on the number of competitive responses received.

This RFI is not in itself an offer to work nor does it commit Contra Costa County to fund any proposals submitted. The County is not liable for any costs incurred in the preparation or research of proposals.

Additional Information
April 12, 2021