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We understand that finding and accessing services for yourself or a loved one in need is not always easy. To help with this process, we’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions and answers.

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Child Abuse/Neglect
Toll Free
   (877) 881-1116

Elder Abuse
Cell phones & Outside Contra Costa
(925) 602-4179
   Toll Free (in Contra Costa)
(877) 839-4347

Report Welfare Fraud
EHSD Welfare Fraud Office
  (925) 521-5080
California Department of Social Services
   (800) 344-8477

Community Partners

Contact information for some of our partners.
Their websites can be found

EHSD Services


The Independent Living Skills Program provides services to youth still in care between the ages of 16 through 19.

Contra Costa HICAP

HICAP is the Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program for those who are eligible for Medicare and who live in California.

The Community Services Bureau operates several programs designed to help low-income people cope with the financial burden of high energy bills.

Vestia, Inc. is the umbrella that covers many programs and services for the people of Contra Costa County, who are having "rainy" days in their lives.

Violence Prevention

Get more information on Contra Costa County's Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence initiative.

Development Board

Promoting a workforce development system that serves businesses, job seekers, and workers to support a vibrant economy