Transitional Housing/ THP+/THP+ Foster Care

In-Care Transitional Housing

Our in-care transitional housing is available for youth who are still in-care and over the age 16. Youth have the opportunity to live in their own apartment, with a roommate, in a supported environment. They will learn to shop for themselves, budget, daily household chores and basic cooking. Youth must get themselves to school each day and look for part-time work. They are expected to save a portion of each paycheck. They have to have 3 letters of recommendation approval from the county, ILSP and their Social Worker.

THP+ F/C –Transitional Housing plus Foster Care (18-21 years and AB12)

Our THP+ F/C programs has just started running. We have multiple providers. Youth will reside in a shared apartment and split the cost of the monthly bills with their roommate. The THP +F/C program will cover the rent and the youth will receive a stipend for their monthly expenses.

THP+ -Emancipated Transitional Housing

Contra Costa County currently contracts with four emancipated transitional housing providers. Every program has support staff that youth must meet with weekly and house meetings that youth must attend to address issues, teaching moments and concerns. Each program has their own requirements regarding educational plans and employment. All THP+ programs have a 24 month limit regardless of which program or combination of programs are utilized by the youth.