IHSS Public Authority Advisory Committee

Public Authority has an Advisory Committee whose membership is composed of individuals who are current or past users of personal assistance services paid for through public or private funds and professional representatives from the Community. The “consumer” members are:

  • Sarah Birdwell, Walnut Creek
  • Wilson Cheng, El Cerrito
  • Gary Gray, El Cerrito
  • Joe Juarez, Jr., Pittsburg
  • Keegan Duncan, Pleasant Hill
  • Vacant

The other members, and the categories and County districts they represent are:

  • District 1,  Mustafa Alsalihy, Representative of Community-Base Organization
  • District 2, John Roe, IHSS Family Provider
  • District 3, Sydney Anderson, Social Worker
  • District 4, Wendell Snyder, Senior Advocate
  • District 5, Chantana Vornvilaipan, IHSS Family Provider

Advisory Committee members want to hear your ideas for improving IHSS or about any problems you may have with the system. You can reach them through the Public Authority office at (800) 333-1081. The fax number is (925) 363-6697.

IHSS Advisory Committee is actively recruiting for one Consumer Position.    Click here for details about the Consumer Position.


Date Agenda
  November 21, 2017 Agenda
  October 17, 2017 Agenda
  September 19, 2017 Agenda
  August                                                   -NO MEETING SCHEDULED
  July 18, 2017 Agenda
  June 20, 2017 Agenda
  May 16, 2017            -MEETING CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF A QUORUM Agenda
  April 18, 2017 Agenda
  March 21, 2017 Agenda
  January 17, 2017     -MEETING CANCELLED DUE TO LACK OF A QUORUM Agenda